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About us

Cederblad & Co is an audit company with offices in Kristianstad, Malmö, Tomelilla and Ystad in the south of Sweden. We are thirty specialists who contribute to developing all types of businesses. The most important thing for us is a personal commitment that gives you and your company the confidence in a global market.

Cederblad & Co

Since its start in 1977, Cederblad & Co has helped customers with qualified, value-increasing services in auditing, accounting and consulting.

Today, we have 30 specialists – Authorized Public Accountants, Authorized Accounting Consultants, Authorized Payroll Consultant and other accounting consultants and economists who help develop your business and financial future.

We help all types of businesses and companies from limited companies, commercial companies / partnerships, economic associations, nonprofit organizations, churches, foundations and individual companies.

A large part of our customer base consists of companies in widely different line of business and in different sizes, from “one-man companies” to larger groups. We also have many years of experience in housing cooperatives and cooperate with several trustees.

We understand your reality

For us, personal involvement is important! Sometimes most entrepreneurs face challenges and needs help and guidance daily, weekly or yearly.

With knowledge, experience and expertise in accounting, auditing, tax and financial advice, our employees see you to gain access to all the facts that can be crucial to your success.

With Cederblads, you get a driving and committed partner and an invaluable support on your part.

Security in an increasingly global market

We are there for you wherever you are! We are strong at our homefield while we are connected to international
network of specialists, DFK International. It creates opportunities for you in the local and the global market. Contact us today and we will be happy to visit you.

How may we help you?

Cederblad & Co is the audit company with offices in Kristianstad, Malmö, Tomelilla and Ystad in the south of Sweden. Since its inception in 1977, we have helped our clients with qualified auditing, accounting and consulting services.