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Our services

Auditing, accounting and counseling is our very greatest passion. Therefore, we offer you and your business safe guidance and valuable advice for increased profitability.



Auditing is a quality assurance of the information your company provides in its annual report. It is important that the outside world gets a true and fair view of your company. The audit is the best way to create trust and security – view it as an annual health check of your business.

At the audit, we review, assess and pronounce on your company’s annual report, accounting and management. We reduce the risks of unpleasant surprises and provide management with valuable financial information.

Our insight into the business also helps us provide constructive suggestions for improvements that maximize profitability.

Some of our Services:
• Statutory audit
• Demand-driven audit
• Auditing of financial companies
• Internal audit
• Audit for Certification

Safety for your partners

A professional audit also provides assurance to shareholders, creditors, customers, suppliers and the Tax Agency. The audit is a confirmation that the information provided by the company of its financial situation is correct. It is about the company’s trust capital.

Of course, we are interested in your finances, both as entrepreneurs and individuals. Your accountant is an important business partner and a creative brainstorming partner in financial matters. We give you better control over the company and help you make use of the financial rules that your company can benefit from.

How may we help you?

Cederblad & Co is the audit company with offices in Kristianstad, Malmö, Tomelilla and Ystad in the south of Sweden. Since its inception in 1977, we have helped our clients with qualified auditing, accounting and consulting services.